September Events

The Hareem by John Frederick Lewis

Please come along to any or all of these events if you can – I’d love to see you! On Friday 20th September, I’m at the Manor Hotel as part of the Yeovil Literary festival, giving an illustrated talk on Victorian Women Travellers on the Nile and the research behind my […]

Watts Chapel

On a recent visit to the Watts Chapel in Compton near Guildford in the south of England, I was struck by how Arabic the decoration appears. In Islamic art, one would not find the human faces but the fluid grace of the lines is strongly reminiscent of Arabic calligraphy. The […]

Launch of The Sacred River


As readers of this blog probably know, my new novel The Sacred River came out last week. We had the launch party a few days after publication day, at the Petrie Museum, in London. The Petrie is one of the foremost Egyptology museums in the world, with an estimated 80,000 objects. It’s […]

Victorian Packing


  One of the enjoyable parts of researching and writing The Sacred River was thinking about what the three characters take with them. Leaving London in thick fog, in January 1882, Harriet, Louisa and Yael all have different hopes and fears about their journey and their destination – Egypt. Each packs […]

Writing About the Heath


  Thank you very much to everyone who attended the Archway Library event on Writing About the Heath. It was great to see you there and a really good evening despite the heat!      

Caitlin Davies – Family Likeness

Caitlin Davies

I’m delighted to be talking to Caitlin Davies, a wonderful writer of both fiction and non-fiction. Family Likeness, Caitlin’s fifth novel is published by Hutchinson on July 4th. The novel explores identity, belonging and race – moving between contemporary north London, a children’s home of the 1950s and the tantalising […]

Co Donegal

I had an inspiring weekend staying with artists Ian Gordon and Sarah Lewtas at their farm in a beautiful and remote area of County Donegal, in Ireland. Ian’s stunning exhibition – ‘Uncovered’ – is on at the Glebe Gallery until the end of June.

A Costume for Harriet Heron

Thanks to the incredible support of Discover Egypt, four of us were able to go to Luxor to make a short video trailer for my new novel The Sacred River. I knew I wanted actress Sarine Sofair to play the part of Harriet Heron, the main character in the book. […]

Like Your Jacket

What makes you reach for a book in a bookshop? Prompts you to turn it over to read the jacket copy on the back then open up the book, your attention caught… It may be true that you ought not to judge a book by its cover but the jacket […]

Isle of Avalon

Morgan le Fay by Anthony Frederick Sandys (1864)

In the south west of England, Glastonbury Tor is visible for miles all around, rising up like an island out of the surrounding flat and marshy lands of the Somerset Levels. St Michael’s Tower stands on the top of Tor, and on this spot – in 1539 – Henry V111 had […]