Nightmare by William Kurelek

Colin Gale of the Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives & Museum gave a tour through the history of the ancient hospital in the form of five items from the archive. Previous posts are on the statues of mania and melancholia, the first medical note book, James Tilly Matthews’ vision of a […]

Winter Garden

Statue by frozen pond

One of the pleasures of writing The Painted Bridge was the excuse it provided to explore old houses and gardens. The novel is set mainly in Lake House, a crumbling mansion on the edge of London. In November 1859, when the story begins, Lake House has been in use for two […]

David Waller – THE PERFECT MAN

The Perfect Man

Hi David and thanks for agreeing to be interviewed on the subject of The Perfect Man, The Muscular Life and Times of Eugen Sandow, Victorian Strongman. I’d like to start with the very arresting cover. It shows Eugen Sandow striking a characteristically muscular pose, dressed in a pair of rather […]