Glove Woman and Schoolmaster Jack

by kind permission of the Bethlem Art and History Collections Trust

Archivist Colin Gale showed five items from the remarkable Bethlem Royal Hospital collection to provide a snapshot of the history of mental illness in England. The first two, blogged about earlier, are the statues of Mania and Melancholia, and Dr Monro’s 18th century medical notebook. Colin Gale chose this third piece because […]

Shoreditch Walk


I went on a walk with Ken Titmuss, aka Old Map Man, around Shoreditch in east London. Old Map Man’s walks come highly recommended and I was especially interested in the Shoreditch one because in my novel The Painted Bridge, the heroine Anna Palmer spends her brief married life there. Reverend Vincent […]



I made a short trip to New York recently to meet my US publishers, Scribner – an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It was a pleasure to meet my US editor, Alexis, and her great colleagues.                   We talked about the plans […]