Lower East Side

Lower East Side

In New York – A Picture Post

Happily, I am in New York for three and a half days!

Yesterday I went to the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side.

The museum centres around a mid 19-c tenement building that once contained 22 apartments. Each typically had three rooms; a tiny bedroom, even tinier kitchen and modest all-purpose living room (the only one that had a window) where many of the women worked making dresses or hats.

This building was condemned around one hundred years ago but never actually demolished. It survived as a kind of time capsule and has been wonderfully brought to life.

The Tenement Museum

When it was built, the area was known as Little Germany – filled as it was with German immigrants. Later, for the decades around the turn of the century,it became mainly a Jewish neighbourhood. Then a Puerto Rican one.

Now, it’s artsy and a bit alternative, with plenty of vegan cup cakes to be found. Rents are a couple of hundred times higher than when the building opened its doors.

There’s still a sense though that amid the gentrification old ways of life both linger on and are being recreated. 






























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  1. Sounds an interesting place to visit. We are going to try to go to New York sometime so will have to check your website probably to remember.

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